Erfagrupp – Analytics

Not long before the Suniweb conference! I’m chairing the analytics experience group on wednesday afternoon, it will be great to see you there. We’ve got an hour  and the floor is open for us to share any analytics issue we wish, but I’d like to suggest a few themes to get the ball rolling:

How should we support the use of analytics in our organisations?: How should responsibility for data analysis and actions be distributed within the organisation? Has anyone got any good examples of internal advocacy and training? (Thanks to Jenny Hermansson for this suggestion).
Reporting data: Who do you report data to? Have you got any cool ways of presenting data? Bring your reports to show us?
Social Media: How are you evaluating your efforts with social media? What can of data would we like from the new site?
Cookies and the new EU directive: Are you concerned? Will cookie based tools still be useful in the future? See my blog posts about this , which show the changes made to several public organisation websites as a result of the cookie directive .

/John Wedderburn